Rhode Islanders For Representation

About Us

We're a non-partisan, grass-roots movement of concerned citizens demanding representation in our government and an end to dictatorial Executive rule.


Our General Assembly serves The People, not the Governor.

About the Petition


1. Restore self-governance of We The People of Rhode Island by demanding our General Assembly (GA) get back to work representing us by terminating the State of Disaster Emergency declared by the Governor.

2. Provide immediate relief from and eliminate the state's harassment of people who are in compliance with it's own Executive Ordered exceptions to face coverings / mask wearing.




Rhode Island General Law (RIGL) is the body of statutes created through the Legislative Branch, where the public is supposed to have a say via committee hearings and opportunities to testify in support or opposition of a bill, in front of our elected General Assembly (GA) representatives, prior to passage of law.

In contrast, within the Executive Branch, including the Governor and non-elected state agencies, departments, boards, etc., rules are "promulgated" and made active through the Rhode Island Code of Regulations (RICR), where the only way for the public to be heard prior to rule activation is through what is officially called Regular Rulemaking procedures.

But as long as the state is declared a Disaster State of Emergency, which it has been by the Governor, perpetually since March 2020, rules can be made under Emergency Rulemaking procedures, which allow for no input from the public  and the Governor's autocracy ruling over us, perpetually and indefinitely.

This is not the three branches of government guaranteed by our Constitution to the taxpaying citizens of our state. We need to END the State of Emergency to return to Regular Rulemaking. From there, let the citizens be heard on the restrictive and invasive measures imposed upon them in the transparent light of required economic impact analyses, comment periods, and public hearings. YOU WILL NEED TO BE ACTIVELY INVOLVED AND VOCAL in the process if you want to stop these tyrannical conditions from propagating in your life again.

HOW do we do that? Where the Legislative Branch grants the Governor emergency power, it can also take it away. Section 30-15-9.(b) states, “The general assembly, by concurrent resolution, may terminate a state of disaster emergency at any time.”


Rhode Islanders for Representation believes that time is now.



This is our plain language reading of the mechanisms by which the Governor and General Assembly are working in tandem to violate their oaths to serve The People of Rhode Island. We are not attorneys and seek legal counsel to help end the tyranny ruling over our lives.

Please reach out if you can provide qualified legal consult.



There are MORE crises impacting "public health" than only one virus with a high survival rate, and they deserve our public resources, too.